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Meet Alex

I’m a purpose-driven leader & entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality and staffing space. I’m also a coach in the emerging psychedelics field whose focus is on optimizing human potential.  My other roles include podcaster, public speaker, angel investor, and philanthropist with a soft spot for owners and operators of family businesses. 
Meet Alex

Business Guru

My feel for business took root in elementary school when I bought and resold candy and bubble gum from the grocery store at a 150% markup!

Since then, I’ve fostered skilled, efficient teams as founder and CEO of Sanistaff, co-founder of GravyWork, CEO of PSG Inc. and CEO of the Hospitality Training Institute.

Problem Solver

One of my proudest achievements includes a pandemic pivot for my hospitality staffing agency. I drew upon my resilience to keep the company afloat after losing its entire client base due to COVID-19.

Within 21 days at the height of massive lockdowns, 75% of my workforce was back to work – retrained in eco-friendly disinfection services for businesses who needed healthy office spaces.

Alex Atwood with his team
Alex Atwood recording an episode of his podcast, The Alchemist Lounge


Dramatic stories like my pandemic pivot, along with team-building tips, have become a hallmark of my Alchemist Lounge podcast, where I host spirited conversations with business leaders.

I’ve also been a featured speaker at numerous events and recently became a Third Wave certified guide – helping leaders improve their wellbeing and productivity through microdosing psychedelics.

Transformation Guide

While working toward an ICF certification in organizational well-being, I’ve been a coach for Landmark Worldwide and elevation leader for the 1heart program, which promotes transformational growth of the mind, body and spirit.

I’ve led workshops on integrity and self-actualization with the goal of helping attendees realize their own potential and have greater self-esteem, fulfillment, creativity and productivity.

I also subscribe to the Nonviolent Communication philosophy espoused by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., participate in twice-daily meditation, plan on pursuing advanced Sidhi training, and regularly attend jungle and mountain retreats.

Alex Atwood at a retreat center
Alex with his friends

Personal Interests

I’m a Northern Virginia native, father of two daughters and graduate of George Mason University.

I’ve been supporting members of marginalized communities by providing access to employment opportunities and technology for empowerment.

Other interests of mine include various modalities of self-exploration such as temazcal, Cacao and plant medicine work. I also play drums and am a newfound skateboard enthusiast.

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Ketchup's journey from traditional Chinese medicine to a beloved condiment highlights the evolution of taste and cultural exchange.


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One pet peeve of mine is when leaders speak in business jargon. Avoiding business jargon makes leaders more relatable and it helps to connect more with their audience.

What's on your list of worst jargon?


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In this episode, a ThirdWave Certified Coach, Integration coach, and change catalyst @marcusdruen highlights the need for holistic shifts, how he utilizes psychedelics in nurturing, and more!
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Check it out!

Layoffs are a difficult and emotional situation for everyone involved, so it is important to handle them with care and sensitivity.

What measures do you think companies should take to prevent layoffs in the future?


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Adderall was intended to treat attention deficit hyperactive disorder and narcolepsy, but people are using it to stay up longer, as well as increase their focus and productivity at work, which has been happening for a while.


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