Microdosing is a powerful life practice that has the potential to help you overcome many life’s challenges including anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, self-critical thought loops and so much more. Microdosing can also help you access greater creativity, better problem solving and an increased feeling of connection and joy in life.


Sharper focus

Increased focus and concentration, conscious awareness, mindfulness, and increased engagement and attentiveness.

Increased creativity

More creativity, shifting perspectives, divergent thinking, curiosity and openness.

Higher levels of energy

Improved energy, as well as alertness, wakefulness, and stimulation


Improved mood

Mood improvements: happiness, well-being, peace, calm.

Reduced depressive symptoms

Participants experienced improvements in their mental health after microdosing.

More appreciation of life

Optimism, spiritual and emotional insights, and being more in touch with emotions.


Self-efficacy improvements

People report more motivation/ambition, productivity, confidence, sense of agency.

Better self-care

Introspection, meditation, and other behaviours facilitating mental health

Reduced anxiety

Reduction in anxiety and social-anxiety.

The Microdosing Coaching Process

The Microdosing coaching trajectory is a series of 1-1 coaching sessions to guide you personally though the process. You will also receive a (digital) journal to keep track of your Microdosing experience.


The Microdosing trajectory starts with a preparation session in which we discuss both the practicalities of Microdosing, as the personal motivation:

  • How to choose your substance and prepare it for Microdosing
  • How to define the ideal dosing
  • Define a personal Microsdosing schedule that works for you
  • Define your personal motivations, intention and supporting activities
  • Additional Q & A


During the 1 or more follow-up sessions we evaluate how the experience was so far, and adjust the process when needed.

  • Evaluate the Microdosing experience
  • Adjust dosage and protocol when necessary
  • Integrate insight and evaluate intentions and supporting activities


At the end of your Microdosing trajectory we plan 1 or more integration 1-1 coaching session. In these sessions we discuss:

  • What about Microdosing served you well?
  • Is it appropriate to implement this further in your life
  • Are there specific areas in your life which need attention
  • How to implement insights into your life
  • Are you curious about higher doses of psychedelics

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