040: Transforming Healthcare Through Digital Therapeutics with Lyle Maxson

Imagine a world of virtual reality where people are healed of their illnesses and any kind of pain is gone. We’re no longer far from the future because that’s actually happening right now with the evolution of digital therapeutics. It’s beyond those health monitors found on your watch. 

In this episode, Lyle Maxson invites us to explore the world of “technodelic.” Lyle and his team at Entheo Digital are now creating a transformative gaming experience that teaches things that you would learn from psychedelics such as mindfulness, how to surrender and activating your parasympathetic response through vocal toning.

Listen in and discover how Lyle is turning digital medicine into a modality for transformation through gaming, and changing the stigma around technology as something that pulls us away from being healthy into something that potentially transforms mental health. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The genesis of their transformational video game
  • Lyle’s transition from music festivals to the psychedelics space
  • Things you’re going to learn from Level 3 digital therapeutics
  • What is benevolent technology?
  • Why VR is the most human way to interact with technology
  • Lyle’s vision around the future of digital therapeutics

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