002: From On Demand Car Wash To Disaster Recovery: A Startup Pivot with Nicholas Jacobsen and Andrew Joseph

From demand car wash services to live video auditing and checklists, Nicholas Jacobsen and Andrew Joseph from Tulu have been reimagining how technology can change the dynamic industries and impact the world for the better. In this episode, the guests speak about technology, cleaning services, and start-ups.


Applications of Tulu’s technology Pros of body cameras on hourly workers What’s exciting about start-ups The impact of technology on the world Future plans for Tulu


AJ and Nicholas are innovators and leaders in disinfection technology. Their startup, Tulu, empowers hourly workers in cleaning & disinfection with technology that ensures their efficiency, safety, and accountability. Tulu’s technology has been used in COVID-19 testing, disaster relief, and reopening the hospitality industry. Over the years, the company has built and optimized software to ensure that cleaners follow proper sanitization protocols. The software itself has evolved into a standalone offering that Tulu now supplies to real estate owners and transportation companies in partnership with service providers in their respective industries.