Let’s have a look at What Biohacking is, in case this is a new concept to you!

Biohacking is optimizing both your internal and external environment by blending state-of-the-art technology with time-tested holistic wisdom. Using state-of-the-art technology to get quantifiable insights into your unique biology, physiology, and mental state; in order to achieve optimum health, performance, longevity, and vitality. These deep insights provide biological markers that can be tracked and improved.

Corporate teams today are diverse, with executives from all types of backgrounds working from different time zones across the world; and so, there is a need to account for the biological idiosyncrasies that come with a diverse workforce. Biohacking leverages the most cutting-edge technology to give you accurate and actionable insights. 

Cultivating healthy habits is essential for wellness and even having a few healthy habits can increase one’s lifespan by a significant number of years.

As your High-Performance Coach, together we:

  • Identify blocks in business/career
  • Recognize Faulty Relationship patterns
  • Expand Internal Bandwidth
  • Increase Mental Fitness
  • Implement Creative Solutions Fast
  • Find Cohesion in IQ and EQ
  • Expand Consciousness
  • Optimize sleeping habits
  • Mindfulness and mindset
  • Movement and exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Awareness of the Environment (light, air, water, indoors vs outdoors)
  • Use wearable technology to monitor sleep, nutrition and exercise
  • Tailored program to achieve any high performing

We all know that you can get better results with a coach. But with Alex’s unique methodology and experience, you will not only work within her high-performance framework, but you will also have regularly scheduled breakthrough experiences that help you with ideation, creativity, and flow.

Additionally, you will have the added benefit of microdose integration to keep your flow states consistent and meaningful.

If you are ready to push to the next level, 10X your results and feel more life fulfillment than ever before this coaching option is for you!

Personal Leadership

Take your life in your hands by taking ownership of all aspects of your life. A comprehensive approach to assess where you are in life to where you want to go to. Discover how you can deeply align with your purpose and values.

Tim provides a rational, but hearth-centered approach based on:

  • Accountability: receive the support, guidance and peer pressure to take specific action to achieve your goals. 
  • Self-awareness: become more aware of your (limiting) thoughts patterns,  (difficult) emotions and  how you relate to your body by reflection and implementing mindfulness in your life.
  • Purpose and values: align yourself with the life you’re supposed to live.

Psychedelic Leadership

Psychedelics are amplifiers which may help to accelerate on the path of personal development:

  • Microdosing: Go beyond the basics of microdosing by exploring how you can leverage an advanced routine by combining microdosing with other practices to support personal well-being, improve creativity and to tap into flow states. 
  • High-dose dosing: Using high-doses of psychedelics might lead to profound personal epiphanies and life-changing in insights. (Optional/additional cost)
  • Integration coaching: integration is the ongoing process of translating the psychedelic experience into our daily live. I coach you through the different stages of a psychedelic experience from the preparation to long term follow-up in order to bring long-lasting changes and impact in your life.

Business Expansion

Many coaches struggle to build their business, and the most successful coaches are also successful entrepreneurs. To provide most value to your clients, you need to weave together coaching with your business skills. Be coached to accelerate the process and to show up in your business with clarity and focus.

I’ll coach you how to build and grow your business in an ethical and efficient way.

You can tap into my knowledge about (online) marketing, personal well-being, efficient and authentic communication, personal development and the necessary leadership skills.

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