A Journey to Your Higher Self Through Plant Medicine, Yoga, and Breathwork with Pablo Lucero

For many people, the journey to oneself is a road less traveled. It doesn’t cost anything but the price you have to pay to reach your destination involves breaking free from your programs and patterns and crushing your ego. These are things that not a lot of people could easily afford to do. But once you make that decision to take that leap and take action, and with the right tools, right techniques, and the right teachers around you – transformation happens. 

Pablo Lucero, a yogi and breathwork practitioner, shares some philosophies around yoga, plant medicine, and breathwork –  which are tools you can use to guide you along this journey to your highest, most authentic self.

Pushing Yourself to Your Edge

  • The journey to your higher self requires some clearing that has to happen in your life – whether in your relationships, your job, or your material possessions.
  • You have to push yourself to the edge of the unknown, putting yourself out there, seeing your ego, and seeing your patterns and program, your deficiencies, and imperfections. You have to reveal yourself in front of things that are not familiar to you.
  • Constantly finding your edge and going beyond it only occurs when you’re in a zone of being uncomfortable. 

The Benefits of Plant Medicine + Yoga + Breathwork

  • Plant medicine can be used as a permission slip to face your demons and your angels. It’s an opportunity to take a deep dive into the things you’re most afraid of and plant medicine is the fastest way to do that. It’s an express lane to your journey toward facing your shadows, the traumas, and the shame. 
  • Yoga is the union of the mind, body, and spirit, a journey to your true higher self. It’s a form of psychotherapy, inquiry, and an opportunity to take a look at oneself and what’s there. It’s a tool in the toolkit of transformation.
  • Functional power yoga is a form of yoga exercise that uses a functional approach to movements. It combines yoga and movement to improve strength, functioning, mobility, and flow. 
  • There are breathwork practices that can help you tap into the power of your breath. Especially when things are challenging and chaotic, all you have available to yourself that you have control over is your breath. Change has to start within you and that starts with your breath. 

We confront ourselves with all of these ancient traditions and practices to face our egos. The only way to get through that is to push that edge with the help of an experienced facilitator that knows how to prepare you to go there within a safe space.

If you want to learn more about the journey to your higher self through plant medicine, yoga, and breathwork, check out https://alexatwood.co/podcast/episode036

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