How Gig Work Can Blaze a Path to Entrepreneurship

How Gig Work Can Blaze a Path to Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs serve as innovators who set up business processes or oversee commercial enterprises. Given the growing popularity of gig-work apps. More freelancers and independent contractors are becoming entrepreneurs. Participation in the growing gig economy is a great way to test whether you’re cut out for being in business just based on the quality of products or services that you’re supplying and monetizing. If you already have a full-time job, gig work offers an opportunity to earn additional income and provides a safety net for launching your own business.

Gig work also allows you to hone your sales and marketing skills, which can be transferred into your new business. For example, an Uber or Lyft driver may network to earn a tip or even a job offer by being friendly, courteous and actively listening when passengers are open to that. The gig economy enables a newfound freedom that will help shape tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. The birth and growth of technology platforms in ridesharing, hospitality and other areas is helping level the playing field for people who want to venture out and start their own business as a gig worker.

There are plenty of gig apps that you can sell your talents on, hone skills, create marketing and do all the things that are necessary as a business owner like meeting legal requirements, filing taxes and scaling services. What makes this path so appealing is that it offers people more freedom than the traditional route of starting a business – a trend that shows no sign of stopping.

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