Mastering Microdosing with Paul Austin

The use of psychedelics is a skill just like you’re learning how to play jiu-jitsu or you’re learning how to cook. 

If you’re interested in how psychedelics can impact and bring healing to your life, a great starting point is something called microdosing. The beauty of it is you don’t need to be as worried about every little thing having to be perfect because you can just take a little bit and see how you feel. 

Psychedelics coach Paul Austin shares some things you need to know about psychedelics and microdosing, and how it leads to healing and transformation.

The Benefits of Psychedelics

  • Psychedelics remind us of our godhood, of that spark of divinity that is within us, and that we are capable of anything. These medicines have been crucial allies in the evolution of consciousness and the evolution of humanity. And when we are cut off from them, we all suffer for the worse.
  • When we work with psychedelics and do meditation, we can access that state of non-duality and the state of going beyond. We’re able to pierce that veil and experience the source, and there’s an unconditional love that moves through that. 
  • The efficacy of psychedelics for healing comes through a process called catharsis. Psychedelics allow those emotions that are normally stuck in the subconscious, and the unconscious to just open up, be aired, and come out. Through that process of opening up, we can then look at them, confront them, and face them. And through that confrontation, we can integrate them back into ourselves.

The Concept of Microdosing

  • Mystical experiences through intentional psychedelic use will catalyze transformation in our collective consciousness. Yet, not every single person is ready to jump into the deep end. 
  • To bridge that gap, there needs to be a more accessible way to start to work with psychedelic substances that don’t necessarily totally dissolve your ego and that don’t involve eating 10 grams of mushrooms. 
  • With microdosing, you can take a tiny bit, and then you can take a tiny bit more. You can start to calibrate how you feel with it, without having to risk a bad acid trip.

Who is Microdosing For

  • Everyone can use microdosing, with a few exceptions. Those who are predisposed to schizophrenia or have schizophrenia should not microdose. Those who have personality disorders should be very careful with microdosing as well. 
  • Almost every person could benefit from microdosing just as almost every person could benefit from taking vitamin D or fish oil or going for a walk. Microdosing can be seen as a supplement or medicine that can help with healing and performance.

Don’t look at microdosing as a magic pill. Microdosing is not going to fix all your problems. Only you can fix your problems. That being said, have an intention, a goal, or an outcome that you’re looking for. Don’t just microdose and see what happens. Instead, go in and look into how you can use microdosing, for instance, as a catalyst to meditate more often.

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