053: All This Healing is Killing Me | Uncovering Vulnerability with Gabrielle Pelicci, Ph. D.

There’s a lot that goes into shifting your direction toward transformation. It takes tremendous courage and determination, not to mention the amount of time you pour into it.

In today’s episode, we’ll have a conversation with Gabrielle Pelicci, Ph. D., a previous international model turned Holistic Health, Medicine expert, and a mentor to women in the wellness industry who has traveled to more than 40 countries in search of innovative and unconventional ways to live a healthy life.

Get the chance to hear her vulnerable story of searching for transformation, the shifts in her career and philosophy, plus why she wrote a book that narrates the twist and turns of her life. We’ll also reveal practices that will help you find growth, heal inner wounds, and start living a meaningful life.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Fun fact about the growth and transformation of human beings
  • Learning about Gabrielle’s traumatic childhood
  • Why do most people conceal and sugarcoat their struggles
  • How Gabrielle found the practices that worked for her
  • Factors that built Gabrielle’s life and career path
  • The origin of the “All This Healing is Killing Me: A Memoir” book
  • A big takeaway from Gabrielle’s book
  • Practical tips on starting your transformation with efficiency
  • The value of having voice notes and transcribing them
  • Insights about people using alternative medicine and therapies
  • How alternative medicine integration can impact the world today

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