TAL 60 Adam Gollance

060: Evolution of Leadership for Organizational Success with Adam Gollance

Ever wondered how leadership has evolved over the years, and why it matters for business success? In this episode, we dive into the heart of this transformation. We’re navigating the shift from traditional top-down approaches to a new era where authenticity, empathy, and conscious capitalism as paramount principles.

Join us as we unpack an enlightening conversation with Adam Gollance, who shares his own journey navigating this changing leadership landscape. His insights offer a fascinating peek into how modern leadership, done right, can propel a business to new heights.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • 00:45 The key moments in Adam’s career that shaped his perspective. 
  • 02:47 Moving to a smaller organization. 
  • 05:31 Adam’s journey with Marriott.
  • 10:44 The importance of vulnerability and leadership. 
  • 17:56 How does authentic leadership cultivate trust and loyalty with employees? 
  • 22:51 How does conscious capitalism intertwine with the mission and core values? 
  • 27:32 Practical measures leaders can take to strike a balance. 
  • 30:16 How much of your time is spent in a positive mindset? 

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