032: The Keys to Successful Video Production and Entrepreneurship with Joshua Pies

Already earning $1,600 out of manufacturing and selling key racks at just four years old, Joshua Pies was born with an entrepreneurial mind and a relentless spirit. Fast-forward to college, he ended up owning a snow-plowing business at 21 years old, with 35 employees until he eventually jumped into the video production world. Joshua had taken his entrepreneurial DNA and applied it in very interesting ways. 

Now a seasoned producer, Joshua shares his entrepreneurial journey as well as some lessons he learned along the way. He also walks us through what goes on in producing a project and some valuable insights into entrepreneurship that new and aspiring entrepreneurs can pick up.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Joshua’s stories of entrepreneurship
  • The genesis of 360 TV and how it came about
  • Going through an identity crisis
  • Losing his snow-plowing business
  • The 5-step process of development
  • How to create a baseline sustainable income
  • Either win or you learn

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