031: What Business Leaders Should Know About Psychedelics with Tim Sae Koo

There are a lot of entrepreneurs that are finding so much success in whatever industry they’re in, but then there’s still that feeling that something’s missing. Are you one of them?

Maybe you have this desire to create solutions for the world. But you don’t feel in full alignment with how things are going around you right now. Then how beautiful would it be when you’re able to fuse creativity and alignment together?

In this episode, an entrepreneur at heart, Tim Sae Koo, talks about how business leaders can elevate their game, their business, and their life through the help of psychedelics. 

Tim bootstrapped, scaled, and exited his first software company by 28, and he dove, heart first, into the world of psychedelic transformation. He has expanded himself into doing psychedelic retreats, coaching, fashion, and possibly, a run for the presidency. Regardless of what he’s doing, Tim pours himself into things that are aligned with his soul’s calling to support other people in the process of waking up and living from their hearts.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why he decided to make the transition from startup to psychedelic transformation
  • Finding something that is in full alignment
  • His 1heart experience, a powerful awakening tool
  • A humbling experience to volunteer for one year at 1heart
  • How can seemingly mundane things be a ceremony?
  • What business leaders should know about psychedelics

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