034: Carving a Path That Lights You Up with Salman Hatta

Is your current job lighting you up? Is the path of least resistance the way to go or should you put yourself in an uncomfortable position to really find out who you are? 

Today’s guest, Salmon Hatta, had his life prescribed by his parents and society as this successful MBA degree-holder business and finance guy. After he received his MBA at Wharton Business School, he made a shift when he realized the corporate world didn’t resonate with him. It didn’t align. 

In 2018, he quit his job, without any plan. Salman went from following the path that was prescribed for him to following a path that he carved out himself. He then started to explore living the life that was truly authentic to him. Today, Salman Hatta is living his vision as a transformational artistry coach. 

In this episode, Salman talks more about his transformational journey, how the Ayahuasca and Burning Man helped him make the shift, his involvement in 1heart, and some things you need to know about psychedelics.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Salman’s family background
  • How the Ayahuasca ceremony and the Burning Man helped him make the shift
  • Surrounding yourself around people that have similar visions in life
  • The surrender approach
  • About 1heart
  • Living his 10-year vision
  • What you need to know about psychedelics

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