035: Disrupting the Landscape for Transparent Healthcare with Dr. Jawad Arshad

Whether you’re an employee or an employer, are you paying for or receiving health care that you actually use? Does it even fit your lifestyle or your needs?

Sadly, we’re seeing a gap in our healthcare system due to a lack of transparency. Both employers and employees – the consumers of healthcare – don’t actually have any insights into the actual value of what they’re paying for. 

Healthcare providers, on the other hand, couldn’t tell patients how much the service actually costs. Then they have to justify their actions so they can get paid for the work done. They have to relay the information through codes to the third party that holds all the money, but it’s not really present. Clearly, it’s a triad that is systemically difficult, if not broken.

Today’s guest, Dr. Jawad Arshad, CEO of WoW Health Solutions, talks about how he’s disrupting our broken healthcare landscape and how he’s working with an amazing community of medical providers that are also looking to diversify and break away completely from the third-party reimbursement model.

Dr. Arshad’s end goal is to provide transparent and affordable healthcare, giving the power back to the people so they have access to the kind of care they really need. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • What drove him to learn about the business of medicine
  • What led him to establish WoW Health Solutions
  • The gap within the healthcare industry
  • Why employers/consumers of healthcare are the losers in this game
  • The shift in consumer mentality after post-pandemic
  • His biggest challenges as an entrepreneur
  • How WoW Health Solutions is solving the problem

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