029: Using Psychedelics to Bring Forth the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection with Austin Mao

Psychology has spanned over a hundred years now. First, there was Pavlov’s theory of classical conditioning where humans are triggered by certain stimuli. Then there’s the concept of cognitive behavior where one’s emotions are said to be influenced by the mind. Now, we are on this third wave of human psychological evolution, which is the mind, body, and spirit connection.

The mind, body, and spirit connection is this idea that the mind, body, and spirit are all connected – and that mindfulness has a significant place in the acceptance and compassion that we can feel towards ourselves. Therefore, we can heal our bodies from diseases by listening to our bodies and our intuition for the signals they provide. And if we just learn to listen to them, we can discover the seat of our energies.

Spiritual guide and Psychedelic Assisted Therapy (PAT) facilitator, Austin Mao, joins us today to talk more about the mind, body, and spirit connection, as well as the role of psychedelics in achieving such connection. 

Austin is an integration coach, and the Founder of Ceremonia, a startup church that is on a mission to bring consciousness to the world through the intentional application of psychedelics and psychotherapy. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The 3 waves of psychology 
  • The mind-body-spirit connection
  • Practices you can do to connect the mind-body-spirit
  • Tapping into your intuition or non-linear thinking
  • The power of meditation
  • Four questions to access the spirit through the mind
  • The role of psychedelic-assisted therapy

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