009: Great Leadership Mindset: Turning Adversity Into Opportunity with Thomas Penny

In the face of hardships, you can be paralyzed and get discouraged, or you can take advantage of the opportunities given and keep moving. Tune in and listen to the powerful and heartfelt story of Thomas Penny, a man who went from working as a dishwasher to becoming the president of a hotel management company.


• The effect of having an inspirational figure in life
• How to avoid the pitfalls that others might have gone through?
• Taking advantage of opportunities
• Overcoming the hurdles faced during global pandemic
• What makes a leader inspirational to people?
• Working in a diverse environment


Thomas’s career has been shaped by his intense determination. After starting out as a dishwasher, he climbed through the ranks of the hospitality industry. Now, he operates eleven hotels in partnership with Marriott, Hilton, and InterContinental Hotels Group. He’s also a passionate community activist and serves on the boards of DC Central Kitchen, Raise DC, Global Scholars Foundation, DC Public Education Fund, and more.


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