010: Using Food As A Tool To Empower People with Mike Curtin

Food won’t get our way out of hunger, but we can use food as a tool to empower minds, strengthen bodies and build communities. In today’s episode, Mike Curtin explains the way he fights poverty and hunger through DC Central Kitchen and shares the story about a hunger strike he did against the district. Tune in and find out how that 8-days hunger strike turned out and learn the importance of nonprofit organizations.


• How food can empower people
• Instilling the company’s mission to the team
• The most important qualities leaders should have
• Fighting for the value of nonprofit organizations
• The struggles of doing the right thing


After graduating from Williams College in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in religion, Mike lived and worked in Osaka, Japan as a teacher, copywriter, and bartender at his neighborhood pub. Upon returning to the United States, he began a 20-year career in the hospitality business, including owning and operating his own restaurant, The Broad Street Grill, in Falls Church, Virginia. Mike joined DC Central Kitchen (DCCK) in 2004. He has spent significant time expanding the Kitchen’s revenue-generating social enterprise initiatives. Under his leadership, DC Central Kitchen’s Fresh Start Catering has expanded from traditional catering opportunities to include contracts to provide locally-sourced, scratched-cooked meals to schools across Washington, DC.


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Until Next Time.. Be Kind and Thrive!