043: The Quest To Elevate The Business World Holistically – Marcus Druen

The current corporate nature produces members trapped in a rat race without a chance for fulfillment and transformation. But luckily, there are available solutions to be more conscious, achieve cohesion, and bring more love and wisdom through business and leadership. It’s time to be more open to them.

In this episode, a ThirdWave Certified Coach, Integration coach, and change catalyst Marcus Druen highlights the need for holistic shifts, how he utilizes psychedelics in nurturing business leaders and their members, and more!

Marcus optimized his career for the last 20 years. He is a self-employed executive coach and organizational development consultant who worked for large corporations and start-ups. Marcus is committed to elevating the consciousness of business people to co-create the regenerative renaissance. His current contribution to this movement is the Psychedelic Map For Change, which he uses as the basis for his practice as a psychedelic integration coach.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How to initiate collective change
  • A positive effect of the Covid-19 lockdowns on organizations
  • Debunking the “work-life balance” concept
  • Marcus’ 3 fascinating personas
  • An interesting introduction to psychedelics
  • The helpful impact of psychedelics on how you live life
  • What makes the “Psychedelic Map For Change” beneficial  
  • Breathwork: Why it’s an excellent entry point to psychedelics

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