044: Rekindle With Creativity To Refine Your Journey with Sébastien Fouillade

Sometimes, we forget that looking inward is the only way to free ourselves, and when we immerse in the deep spiritual realm, we can discover one thing that connects us to our true selves: creativity. 

Today, we have Sébastien Fouillade, journey coach, facilitator, writer, musician, and speaker focused on creating authentic journeys and helping others do the same. He’s with us to highlight the life-altering benefits of psychedelics, the power of creativity, and how he created a book and led a retreat after his spiritual awakening.

Sébastien was a Microsoft product lead and founder of start-ups. Although his 27+ years of experience and his portfolio of tech, product development, and leadership success are impressive, the openness and authenticity with which Sébastien balances his spiritual side with his ambitious achievements set him apart. Now, he hosts the Leadershipedelics podcast and is the man behind the Sacred Creativity Retreat.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Defining what “authentic creativity” is
  • The value of making decisions intentionally
  • How to open up your mind during meditation
  • Ways to optimize psychedelic medicine
  • The origin of the Sacred Creativity Retreat
  • Importance of organizing group ceremonies carefully
  • Why leaders should have authenticity and creativity

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