Powerful Thoughts from Recent Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop

Powerful Thoughts from Recent Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop

Valentine’s Day should be more than just an excuse to make someone feel special but should also be a reminder to take time and ensure your relationships are as healthy and meaningful as they can be. This year, I decided to make the commitment to invest in my romantic relationship with my partner by attending a “Hold Me Tight” workshop.

Based on the Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) model, this workshop is designed to help couples develop stronger and longer-lasting relationships that move them closer together. It was during this workshop that I gained amazing insight into our inborn primal survival instinct within us all and how it affects our physical, mental, and emotional health. This knowledge enabled me to understand that my attachment to my partner is similar to what I had with my parents as a child.

My biggest insight from the workshop was learning about creating an intervention for damaged relationships. Instead of writing off a relationship as broken or never being right from the start, I now understand how our experience is rooted in our evolutionary wiring and how we can find peace by addressing it. Through this newfound understanding I have been able to recognize why certain patterns happen in my relationship, providing me with tools for communication that prevent further conflict or hurt feelings.

The “Hold Me Tight” workshop has completely revolutionized the way I look at romantic relationships—offering up a much-needed perspective shift which helps bring out the strength of these bonds. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, let us take some time and remind ourselves of the importance of investing in our relationships through meaningful activities such as workshops or therapy sessions that focus on developing deeper connections and understanding between partners while strengthening bonds in their own unique way.

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