Transforming Healthcare Through Digital Therapeutics with Lyle Maxson

Imagine a world of virtual reality where people are healed of their illnesses and any kind of pain is gone. We’re no longer far from the future because that’s actually happening right now with the evolution of digital therapeutics. It’s beyond those health monitors found on your watch. 

Lyle Maxson, the founder of Entheo Digital, is creating a transformative gaming experience that teaches things like mindfulness, how to surrender, and vocal toning –  things that you would learn from psychedelics.

The Popularity of Video Games

  • Movies, music, and sports – globally combined – still couldn’t equal the video game revenue at $400 billion a year.
  • There are some games that could be either controlled using your mind. Some are even embedded in VR headsets now. 
  • For instance, companies like Amazon are utilizing virtual reality to train employees, measuring their brainwaves to understand how they’re functioning.
  • Blossoming along with the psychedelic movement right now is Digital Therapeutics. And digital health or wellness tools are now replacing pharmaceuticals in a lot of ways.
  • This neuro-hacking transformative gaming experience is actually getting FDA-approved much faster than psychedelics and other biohacking technologies.

The 3 Levels of Digital Therapeutics

  • Level 1 Digital Therapeutics – Includes health tracking, health monitoring, and health incentivizing. Some pharmaceutical companies have apps that remind and incentivize you to take their pills. They may even gamify that in some way.
  • Level 2 Digital Therapeutics – includes the VR experience that was FDA-approved for chronic pain, specifically lower back chronic pain. The idea behind this is they’re replicating nature and enabling you to drop deep into a natural environment. Then they use something like cognitive behavioral therapy, in conjunction with nature, to reset your brain so it can have lasting effects on your pain. 
  • Level 3 Digital Therapeutics – focuses on creating new mechanisms of action such as novel game mechanics to bring about a neurological or physiological change. Also coined as “technodelic,” this experience teaches skill sets including mental motor skills and deep introspection. They’re teaching skills that you would learn from psychedelics such as surrender and mindfulness. They also teach you vocal toning to activate your vagus nerve creating a parasympathetic response. They’re changing the visuals and the audio, turning your voice into something that sounds like a choir. And then through haptics and vibrations, you can feel your own voice going through your body, leaving you in a very deep meditative state within a matter of minutes.

Lyle is turning digital medicine into a modality for transformation through gaming and changing the stigma around technology as something that pulls us away from being healthy into something that potentially transforms mental health. 

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