How to Access the Frequency of Your Heart with Ana Maria Badila

We are all divine beings embodying a human experience and in order to attain that enlightenment, the body, mind, and heart have to align with each other. But how do you find that alignment when it’s difficult to access the frequency of your heart?

Ana Maria Badila – The  Microdose Guru – shares the different modalities she uses in helping her clients work through life’s transitions which can be chaotic, unstable, and overwhelming for a lot of people. 

The Heart Meditation

This method brings your body, mind, and heart into alignment. You scan your body for information, and then focus on your heart, and then ask the mind to say it. Then the mind and the heart would converse to see what’s right, present, and true in the present moment.  

When you align those three together, you’re actually fully aligned with your divine purpose. When you’re acting from that, you are not in the past story. And when you’re not in a past story, you can’t blame or judge because you can only speak your truth.

Ana also walks us through the different modalities she uses when working with clients:

Assessment – seeing what’s going on in various areas and how those contribute to the life you have right now. It involves looking at the outcomes visible in your life, the mental, emotional, and social habits supporting those outcomes, and then the underlying belief systems.

Envision a new life for yourself – dreaming about what you like to leave at the end of this life with and what you would want people to say about you. 

Microdosing – to help you feel any emotions you have to process, clear your mind, or get understanding from different perspectives. 

Ceremony – using psilocybin, MDMA, or a combination of those things depending on what people are going through, done somewhere through the middle of the process. At the end of the process, you will understand your current reality, where you want to go, and more access to information. You look at those two maps – your current reality and your future self – and you can see what’s missing in between. 

Self-care plan – looking into new mindsets and belief systems that need to be put into place, and the habits surrounding that. 

Healing is a comprehensive process that involves going from an outward to an inward view, and then from an inward to an outward view, ultimately, getting the outcome you want in the end.

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