Infusion therapy bars serving as the latest wellness craze

Infusion therapy bars serving as the latest wellness craze

Infusion therapy that uses natural plant-based extracts to introduce beneficial compounds into the body is becoming one of the hottest trends in the growing wellness space. While these compounds can vary, some of the most common ones are amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. What happens is that they’re ingested either intravenously or orally in an electrolyte solution for better absorption from body cells. It’s something that frankly I hadn’t heard of until just a recent conversation with when my friend Mike Marburg, founder and CEO of Wellmore Partners. One huge benefit is the convenience of going to an infusion bar or clinic where infusions are tailored to each customer.

Another is the offering of personalized nutritional advice and counseling sessions with licensed nutritionists or dietitians. Users can target specific areas they’d like to improve and receive custom blends that help boost immunity much the same way they can get a shot of wheatgrass at their local juice bar. These remedies involving all-natural ingredients without added chemicals or preservatives treat anything from simple stress reduction to curing addiction or anything in between. Infusion therapy customers don’t have to ever worry about potential side effects associated with synthetics and additives.

Anecdotal feedback has been phenomenal. The range of benefits runs the gamut, including improved mood, higher energy level, enhanced mental clarity, better athletic performance, improved digestion and skin health, increased joint mobility, boosted immunity, reduced inflammation and pain, increased libido, and balanced hormones and endocrine systems. Given this lengthy list, it’s no small wonder infusion therapy is now all the rage!

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