How to boost productivity following a 76-year low

How to boost productivity following a 76-year low

Productivity recently fell to a low not seen since 1947. That is an astonishing statistic! Improving this number requires a comprehensive approach that takes into account employee motivation, workplace culture, technology and job design. But it starts with aligning company and individual goals, which helps create a sense of purpose and increased engagement among team members. It’s very difficult to have people buy into a great vision if the company doesn’t really understand what employees want for themselves. Also, employers should consider providing different types of rewards and bonuses around team goals to fuel motivation. As well as opportunities to provide regular feedback on their own performance, along with 360-degree performance appraisals of others.

Even more important than that is creating an engaging workplace culture. When employees feel valued at work, they’re more likely to give more of themselves. Businesses also should always strive to provide opportunities for collaboration between team members, so that everyone feels like they’re contributing equally and achieving the company’s objectives. Another key is having like an open-door transparent policy with management that allows for quick resolutions for any issues that could arise. In addition, jobs need to be designed with efficiencies in mind, which means being clear about roles and responsibilities and breaking down large projects into small tasks with deadlines that are realistically achievable.

Team members need to be given autonomy on how they complete their work, along with the necessary resources and tools. Finally, businesses should evaluate how they use technology when it comes to improving productivity levels. Project-management software can automate manual tasks, streamline processes and promote collaboration. This will free up employees for more valuable tasks that require creativity. It also will support wellbeing to help avoid burnout. Taking these steps will enable businesses to improve worker productivity and achieve more success.

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