Tips for helping gig workers maintain their wellbeing

Tips for helping gig workers maintain their wellbeing

Amid a recent report on how gig work could be harmful to one’s health, I can’t help but share some tips on how to avoid falling into this trap in the first place. Those who are juggling multiple shifts, often on multiple platforms, often work long hours to make ends meet. This obviously can take a toll on physical and mental health and overall wellbeing. So it’s important for people in this line of work to practice self-care. I’ve spoken with many Uber drivers who sometimes work 10, 12 or 14-hour shifts without many interruptions.

This is why it’s important to take regular breaks throughout the day for adequate rest and relaxation. Getting enough sleep is another suggestion. It’s the best way to recharge one’s body and mind and improve performance. The flexibility of gig work allows for sleep to be a top priority. Another key to success is avoiding junk food – an easy and tempting thing to do when someone works for a ridesharing or food-delivery app.

Be sure to have enough vegetables, fruit, protein and grains on hand, and if you’re too busy to make your own meals, grab some nutritious meals to go that are available almost everywhere. Exercise beyond being on one’s feet all day or doing deliveries – and it can be as simple as a power walk – is also critically important and will pay off in spades. Finally, gig workers need to carve out time for socializing with friends and family from whom they can seek emotional support when it’s needed. It’s that much more important to be disciplined with self-care when working in a freelancing type of environment where there’s a lack of structure.

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