047: Feel The Great Strength Of Music And Silence with Victory Jones

Victory Jones, like everybody else, has been intertwined with sound and music from the start of her life. She discovered how it could affect how she and every people around her think, feel, and act. Later, she went through what she considered the dark night of her soul but regained her inner peace and connectedness by harnessing the power of sound.

Now, Victory joins the podcast to share the wonders of meditation and how the alchemy of sound impacts her journey as a multi-disciplinarian artist, singer, songwriter, speaker, and wellness facilitator. If you want to achieve deep inner awareness, this episode will help you create a new symphony and live harmoniously with yourself and the world. Check this out!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Getting to know the “alchemy of sound”
  • How Victory resonated with sounds
  • Why silence and meditation are powerful
  • Meditation: What it is and how Victory discovered it
  • The origin and meaning of the “Antenna” album
  • A simple guided meditation led by Victory
  • Exceptional performance of the “Voice In The Wild”

Support Victory Jones by purchasing a copy of her debut album at https://www.victoryjones.com/music

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