048: Lead, Serve, and Uplift a Community with Mayor Paige G. Cognetti

Being a public servant is as challenging as it sounds, for it is one’s duty to go above and beyond in providing solutions to every problem brought to your desk, which is why each individual in a position of authority must be intentional in every action and decision they make.

Today, we’ll feature a special guest highlighting her leadership skills, political experience, and providing governmental services as a city mayor. 

Dial in as we chat with Mayor Paige G. Cognetti, the current and first woman-elected mayor in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Learn about her efforts to fuel her community’s advancement and progress, her journey of being a mother of an entire city, and her contribution to improving her constituents’ quality of life.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Mayor Cognetti’s introduction to politics
  • The difference between national and local government
  • Big challenges of leading a city
  • 3 main responsibilities of every local government
  • Experiences as a new mayor during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • What every public servant should prioritize
  • The value of showing vulnerability as a leader
  • Why Scranton is a great city to raise a family
  • Best advice for those who want to get involved in politics

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