050: Demystifying the Secrets of Tantra with Lauren Leola

Sex and sexuality are words that are taboo and shadowed by modern society. There are still tons of misconceptions and false beliefs lingering about these topics that threaten their true beauty. Despite the challenges faced, a selected few disrupt mindsets and perspectives intentionally, guiding others to the path of expansion and liberation — Tantra.

In today’s intimate episode, we shed light on the essence of tantra and how this sacred practice connects sexuality and spirituality to yourself or your relationships. Truthfully, there’s no better guest to share the particulars of this work than Lauren Leola, a renowned tantra expert, sacred intimacy mentor, and muse from Austin, Texas.

It’s time to destigmatize the magic of sex and find a more profound way to nurture your relationships. Stay tuned to eliminate the fear and shame because sex energy made you and every being on this planet, so start exploring and learning more about it today!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Uncovering what tantra is
  • Why topics on sex nowadays are repressed and shamed 
  • How Lauren found a more profound meaning to sexuality
  • Intention: How vital it is in achieving wellness
  • What form of relationship should you have?
  • Easy tips for couples who want to try tantra
  • Interesting way to experience and meet the divine
  • Thoughts on withholding sex energy

Resources/Links mentioned

  • Grab Lauren’s sexual shadow work workbook for FREE only at https://www.talktantratome.com/. This could guide you to find presence, pleasure, and purposeful relating today!

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