049: Reconnecting with Nature and Reviving Mystery Schools with Andy Sudbrock

Are you struggling because you feel lost spiritually? Did you lose your sense of direction toward love, peace, and connectedness?

Today’s guest, Andy Sudbrock, is an ecologist, medicine man, coach, and plant-based retreat leader. He is with us to reveal how he reestablish a powerful connection with the Source, Mother Nature, and helps his clients change their lives. He also shares how he started Sacred Path Retreats and revived mystery school teachings for the 21st century. If it isn’t exciting enough, this is Andy’s podcast guesting debut!

What Andy will share could be a step closer to rebuilding and giving sense to your life. So don’t miss out on this episode as we uncover the ethereal power of nature reconnection, deep healing, and mystical sacred plant ceremonies. Stay tuned!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The wonders of stacking practices from mystery schools
  • 3 stages of reconnection
  • How Andy grew up and found connectedness
  • Tragic life-changing events experienced by Andy
  • Andy’s lifelong mission
  • What is a modern-day shaman
  • Why is Andy’s retreat named “Sacred Path Retreat”
  • One big thing that everyone needs in 2023

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CONNECT with Andy Sudbrock


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