036: A Journey to Your Higher Self Through Plant Medicine, Yoga, and Breathwork with Pablo Lucero

For many people, the journey to oneself is a road less traveled. It doesn’t cost anything but the price you have to pay to reach your destination involves breaking free from your programs and patterns and crushing your ego. These are things that not a lot of people could easily afford to do. But once you make that decision to take that leap and take action, and with the right tools, right techniques, and the right teachers around you – transformation happens. 

In this episode, Pablo Lucero, a yogi and breathwork practitioner, talks about his journey and how he went from a legal career to the path of a yogi. He shares his experiences in plant medicine, functional power yoga, and using breathwork to tap into his higher self. He shares some philosophies around yoga, the power of finding your edge, and overcoming your fears and self-doubt.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • His experience when he first learned the power of breath
  • Transitioning from law and DJ-ing to yoga
  • Finding your edge and going beyond it
  • How he’s living by example
  • The decision to live in Costa Rica
  • The benefits of plant medicine incorporated with yoga
  • About functional power yoga
  • Overcoming self-doubt and fears through breathwork
  • About the Omani retreat

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