Psychedelic Coaching Helps Boost Personal or Professional Performance

Psychedelic Coaching Helps Boost Personal or Professional Performance

When I was growing up, coaches led sports teams and helped improve athletic performance. Now there are coaches in the business world and other areas. One is psychedelics, which have exploded as a form of self-improvement. For nearly a year as a certified Third Wave coach, I’ve learned that there is a massive need to help support people through their psychedelic journey. It’s no longer just for hippies anymore. Executives are now taking psychedelics to expand their leadership capabilities and even mothers have been drawn to experiment with these substances.

A trained and certified psychedelic coach can teach specific strategies and techniques, help clients identify when and how to experience macrodosing and microdosing, and guide them on a retreat. Those who hire a coach are in need of structure, accountability, expertise and inspiration in order to grow, increase self-awareness and step up their commitment to personal transformation. They need a plan prescribed that can get them from where they were to where they want to go. That journey includes putting in place the right microdosing protocols to permeate through their overall wellbeing, work and relationships.

Communication with a psychedelic coach often take the form of weekly conversations that are in person, on the phone or online that establish action goals for each of those weeks. Coaches will create a balanced program that also includes exercise, nutrition, health management and meditation practices. Their engagements could range anywhere from three months to years, depending on the client’s goals, budget and time constraints. To revisit my sports analogy, psychedelic coaching is all about improving personal or professional performance – or both. 

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